Friday, June 8, 2012

My Psychic Journey

My Journey through the paranormal...

An update

The more I journey into the world of the paranormal and seek answers to many of my questions and finding some answers, there are many more questions that pop up to baffle and astound me. Many new and sometimes startling revelations that before I started on my journey never would have imagined could be out there.

For instance, when I started experiencing 'shadow people' or dark looking energies around our house, little did I know at that time these could be passed family members. From watching the numerous ghost hunting shows on at the time and other resources I believed that most of these 'shadow people' were not good energies and actually came from a darker world than the living one. They must have evil behind them and that's why they never show their faces and move quickly out of view. Very sinister feelings these beings provoked in me. But after the last 3 years of being online in numerous different places I have learned that these 'shadow people' are not sinister and evil but actually could be your passed loved ones who for some reason can not or will not manifest in full apparition appearance. For a passed person's spirit to appear, it takes a lot of 'electrical energy' to do this. We are all made of electrical energy and so are spirits maybe even more so.

Well, now it's about 3 years later since I experienced my first 'shadow person' and I have gone through a lot of change as far as my perspective on the spirit world, paranormal and psychic abilities. I have even discovered my own intuitive/psychic abilities to some extent. I have, through many different psychic games online and discussing this topic with others who have had similiar events in their lives, learned to appreciate the unknown as a possible wonderous thing. All unknown is not evil and dark. And I also have become more intune with my spirit guides and what they do for me in my pursuit of psychic abilities. I have learned many things in my short journey into the paranormal and I thank many people who through discussion, advice and hands on tutoring have helped me understand my intuitive side and made me less frightened of the whole spirit/psychic experience.

I know...this all sounds pretty 'mad' to most people who have never had a paranormal event in their lives or are skeptical of the whole psychic scene but I was a slight skeptic myself until I started to have many wild and crazy things happen to me. I am glad though that I did take this journey and are continuing in my quest for answers to all of my questions and events that happen to me.

~This is a little blog of my psychic journey up to this date. ~

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